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Step one

Step one

Reducing the carbon footprint

The carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere in a year. Whether it is generated by a person’s lifestyle or released directly or indirectly into the air during the life cycle of a product, it can be measured for any activity. Below we also present our carbon footprint calculator. Try it out!


Step one - Reducing the carbon footprint
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Carbon emissions are the total greenhouse gas emissions. We can interpret it by type of activity, industry, geographical area, etc., but ultimately it affects climate change for the Earth as a whole.

Following the principle of “Act local, think global”, the first steps in carbon neutralisation can be taken at the local level, i.e. building on individual and corporate responsibility. However, it is not enough to take these steps, it is crucial to provide credible, visible proof.

Decisions taken locally can provide employees with credible information that their company is actively involved in creating a workplace that operates according to sustainable values. As a result, they themselves are more likely to make ecologically responsible, low-carbon choices in their workplace and living environment.

However, beyond the local spaces for action, the need and voluntary demand for carbon neutrality calls for further action. This will focus on projects that can be achieved by purchasing carbon credits. Initiatives with a higher impact than previous investments will also be considered, with the possibility of further participation in audited carbon neutralisation programmes.

Carbon footprint calculation

A carbon footprint calculation for companies provides a complex picture of all aspects of your company’s emissions. The study, which includes direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions, is both a basis for development plans and a report that can be used officially. It is suitable for government or industry reporting, for national or international tenders and for business partners.

Carbon neutralisation involves the purchase of carbon credits, i.e. participation in and ex-post support for carbon neutralisation projects. Their quality and credibility are a guarantee that real carbon emission reductions will be achieved.

Free carbon footprint calculator

The first step is often to face up to the carbon footprint and resource requirements of even the simplest activity. This is the point that spurs many people into action and change.

Experience has shown that the easier it is to make contact, the earlier the initial calculations and carbon neutralisation plan are made, the more obvious the solution is to buy voluntary carbon credits.

Participation in audited schemes is public and traceable.


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