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Step two

Step two

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The first steps to reduce your carbon footprint are the simplest. Results are fast, within reach, easily achieved through almost “invisible” energy efficiency initiatives and decisions.

But as in all individual and business areas, additional targets and measurable results are needed. These expected (necessary) or imagined (voluntary) carbon footprint reduction targets can be achieved through regular review.

Whether further emission neutralisation can be achieved by locally applied means varies from industry to industry, product to product, service to service. An accepted and supported solution for carbon neutrality is to join an existing qualified renewable programme.

The results of such campaigns provide audited emission reductions for the partners involved, and measurable carbon credits allow for itemised accounting. An internationally agreed standard guarantees that it has been done, and not just greenwashing, which is increasingly under scrutiny by international green organisations and the media.

Green investment, greenhouse gas reduction, use of renewable energy, preserving the local habitat and livelihoods of small communities… it would be a long list of opportunities open to those who, out of necessity or voluntarily, participate in carbon neutralisation projects.

Experts working in international scientific societies can provide credible and personalised information on the choice, advantages and disadvantages of appropriate actions. For many years, a leading player in the voluntary carbon market, OurOffset. The experience of their peers and partners is a guarantee that carbon credits are recorded and used in an audited way in this non-profit organisation.

Link to carbon neutrality campaigns | Carbon Neutral Company
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Our success stories include more than a hundred partners who have registered with us to participate in various climate policy projects. Their content can be broadly grouped into four types:

  • renewable energy,
  • community projects,
  • waste-to-energy programmes and
  • nature-based solutions.

Within the collection categories, carbon neutralisation programmes have been tested and verified by accurate calculations.

Find out more to get an accurate picture of the carbon neutrality register!


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