Every cup of Nespresso coffee will be carbon neutral
Every cup of Nespresso coffee will be carbon neutral

Every cup of Nespresso coffee will be carbon neutral

Nespresso has been carbon neutral in its business since 2017, and the company is now committed to doing the same in its supply chain and product lifecycle.

Nespresso has announced that by 2022, all of its cups of coffee will be carbon neutral – for both home and professional customers. The commitment follows more than 10 years of work, during which Nespresso has significantly reduced its carbon emissions, with the remainder being offset by forestry.


“Climate change is real and our future depends on moving as fast as possible towards our sustainability targets. That’s why we are raising the bar now and promising our customers carbon neutral coffee in 2022. A coffee that, as well as being made from the highest quality and rarest varieties, is sustainably sourced. I am convinced that our company and the coffee industry can move the world in the right direction by addressing this pressing issue,” said Guillaume Le Cunff, CEO of Nespresso.

The brand has made significant efforts to reduce its carbon emissions in recent years and has taken countervailing measures that will contribute to immediate positive change. Nespresso sources 95% of its coffee through the AAA Sustainable Quality programme, which ensures responsible and sustainable coffee production worldwide. More than 90 percent of customers have easy access to one of the recycling options, and recycled aluminium is used to create new capsules and utensils. In addition, Nespresso has planted 4.5 million trees in and around its coffee-growing areas over the past year.
The company has been carbon neutral in its business since 2017 and has now set a new target to reduce carbon emissions further down the supply chain and in the life cycle of its products. Nespresso is achieving carbon neutrality through initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint, by planting trees on and around coffee farms where it sources its coffee (insetting), and by supporting and investing in quality offsetting projects.

1. Using energy from sustainable sources in the Nespresso value chain:
• the aim is to ensure that all Nespresso Boutique boutiques are powered by 100% renewable energy and to increase the use of biogas in the company’s production processes.
• Strengthen the circular approach in Nespresso products and in the design and construction of packaging: the proportion of recycled plastics in Nespresso coffee machines will be increased, and coffee capsules will be made increasingly from recycled aluminium and low-carbon footprint new aluminium.

2. Planted trees provide shade, which improves the quality and increases the quantity of coffee produced. The roots of the trees prevent soil erosion and landslides, and also help to regenerate the soil. Together with its partner Pur Projet, Nespresso is tripling its tree planting capacity in coffee-producing countries, including Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia and Costa Rica.

3. Accelerating actions with immediate positive impact (offsetting initiatives): Nespresso is investing in projects to preserve and restore forests and introduce clean energy solutions in coffee-growing communities.
This commitment to carbon neutrality is an integral part of a broader sustainability effort, which the company will describe in more detail later this year, to preserve exceptional coffee quality, develop climate-resilient and regenerative coffee production in Nespresso’s communities, ensure sustainable livelihoods for farmers and build a circular business model.


“Climate change is already happening, which means we all have to take responsibility for it and act – and act fast,” said actor George Clooney, Global Brand Ambassador and member of the Nespresso Sustainability Advisory Board. “It’s clear that Nespresso understands the importance of this and puts our planet and people at the heart of everything we do. This ambition and approach is built on a commitment to sustainability, and I have had the privilege of being actively involved in this over the past seven years. I’ve seen how far we’ve come in that time, and I’m excited to see what Nespresso will create over the next ten years.”


“Every business is expected to reduce its carbon footprint, and Nespresso is clearly committed to reducing its carbon footprint, with an ambitious and quantifiable carbon neutrality programme. While everyone is looking for technical innovations to reduce carbon emissions, it is also imperative that companies address their own carbon footprint in order to reach a balance as quickly as possible,” said Tristan Lecomte, founder of Pur Projet and member of the Nespresso Sustainability Advisory Board. “We are proud to be able to help Nespresso do this, planting millions of trees in coffee-producing regions of the world in Colombia, Guatemala and Ethiopia since 2014, cleaning the air of carbon dioxide. We will continue this work together, tripling the capacity of the carbon sequestration program and helping to renew the ecosystem on which we all depend.”

Source: ClimeNews